"...but where are all the cool puzzles?' my wife asked me...

We were exhausted from our third trip to a national retailer. We hoped they would have cool puzzles. We were wrong. Our luck (and patience) were running on fumes.


"Well, what about this one? It's kind of cool." I said desperately while holding another puzzle with generic art. This one, a lovely, but lonely cabin that was set in fresh snow on a dark night, the moon illuminating the environment. The artwork, while objectively nice, was something we would find my grandmother doing.

She proceeded to tell me she wanted a puzzle with art that she would be proud to hang in the home. Something that she could have fun piecing together on a Friday night-in with friends, gossiping over a glass of wine and good music. She wanted a puzzle with stylish art that reflected the culture that we lived in today. Not the art of yesteryear.

I looked at her and smiled. "Maybe we should make them ourselves." I said.

We're Goodfit: a husband (Bryan) and wife (Casey) team that were brave enough to create a small business during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic (12-09-2020). We couldn't find what we were looking for so we made it ourselves. We called in all of our favors with our friends and family to pull together their collective knowledge as we researched the rest. We're on our journey to discover our American Dream.

Each collection features hand-selected emerging artists with original artwork that speaks to the culture of today. All of the artists have chosen a cause that is important to them and we've pledged 10% of every purchase to a charity that they've selected. We recognize the opportunity we all have to find one small-piece to improve the world we live in.

Every puzzle is created using premium, recycled cardboard that is finished with a linen-texture to provide a nice weight and hand-feel. We include a reusable cotton bag to store the pieces in or if someone is feeling adventurous, bring the puzzle on a road trip.

We hope that our product brings you and those close to you joy and love and that you create memories from the conversations you'll have while completing our puzzles. We hope you'll grow with our brand for years to come. 



Bryan is the son of two Vietnam War refugees who immigrated to America with nothing but hope and the clothes that they wore. He is an Executive Creative Director at one of the largest design agencies in the world. He focuses his design and creative background into the brand direction for Goodfit.

Casey knows what good looks like. As the former Director of E-commerce and Senior Merchant for one of the largest international fashion brands in the world, she worked on artist collaborations and designs that had a global reach. She plans and curates each collection and manages all artist relationships. When she's not sorting puzzle pieces, she's collecting vintage fashion pieces.

Forever grateful for your patronage,
Bryan, Casey and our goofy dog Camden