By Hannah Lock

  • Pieces 1000
  • Piece type Random Cut
  • Difficulty Challenging
  • Size 70x50 CM
  • Box 8x8x2.5 IN

Explore the captivating fusion of art and nature with Kaleidoscope.

Embark on an odyssey through a tapestry of color and form with Kaleidoscope, our latest 1000 piece puzzle. Created by UK-based artist Hannah Lock, this puzzle is a fusion of geometric precision and organic charm, reminiscent of a sprawling quilt of nature's wonders.

Dive into a world where geometric precision meets organic beauty, where each piece reveals a new hue, a new pattern, a new vista. Lock's colored pencil strokes breathe life into every detail, ensuring that no two pieces are alike. From the intricate botanicals to the sweeping skies and tranquil waters, every section of Kaleidoscope offers a fresh perspective, a different view with every hue. Prepare for a challenging yet rewarding experience as you piece together this vibrant kaleidoscopic mosaic.

Canvas finish

Our puzzles feature exclusive, original artwork and our pieces are finished with a linen, canvas-like texture so it feels like a masterpiece that's ready to be displayed.

100% recycled

Our puzzles are made from recycled cardboard and finished with a linen texture. We also include a cloth bag to hold everything together.

Original art

We worked directly with the artist to ensure the best puzzling experience. You won't find this exclusive art anywhere else.

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