Postcard Puzzle - Not Your First Rodeo

  • Pieces 60
  • Piece type Exclusive Goodfit Die-cut
  • Difficulty Piece of cake
  • Size 5x7 inches

Deliver delight with our Postcard Puzzle Kit! This unique greeting doubles as a thoughtful gift, featuring a 60-piece puzzle that reveals your personalized message on the back as they piece the image together. It's a touch of mailbox magic, suitable for all skill levels, and bound to brighten their day.

  • 60-piece puzzle with a blank postcard-style backing.
  • Secure top loader envelope for safe mailing - we recommend 2 Forever stamps when sending within the US.
  • Mini reference image and simple instructions.

Mailbox magic

Surprise and delight with these 60-piece mini puzzles that double as a thoughtful greeting.

Personalize it

The backside of these puzzles are designed to look like a postcard, perfect for writing your own note.

Signed, sealed, delivered

Each postcard puzzle comes with a top loader envelope and can be mailed within the US with 2 Forever stamps.

Capture the essence of the wild west with 'Not Your First Rodeo.'

Perfect for occasions that call for a touch of cosmic cowboy charm – from birthdays to new beginnings.

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