Twine by DAMONXART is a design lover’s dream - a balanced, proportional composition of symmetrical shapes and gradients that exude a sense of movement and fluidity. The artwork's sense of balance and containment, combined with its flow and natural color palette, creates a calming and meditative atmosphere that encourages quiet reflection and contemplation.

Twine is a puzzle that’s great for all levels and abilities. With specially designed large scale pieces, novice puzzlers won’t be too intimidated by the low 208 piece count, and expert puzzlers will still experience enough of a challenge with the artwork’s symmetrical, mirror-image effect.

Large, canvas pieces

Twine features larger, easy-to-see pieces that have a linen, canvas-like texture so it feels like a masterpiece that's ready to be displayed.

100% recycled

Our puzzles are made from recycled cardboard and finished with a linen texture. We also include a cloth bag to hold everything together.

Giving back

Purchasing this puzzle supports the Plastic Pollution Coalition, which is an advocacy group and social movement organization which seeks to reduce plastic pollution.

Meet the artist


Color in motion with DAMONXART

Inspired by nature, Damon uses an organic color palette for this piece, with warm shades of orange and yellow blending into cool blues and purples, creating a subtle and subconscious connection to the natural world around us.

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