Going Beyond Boundaries with Carlos Garcia

Going Beyond Boundaries with Carlos Garcia
Hailing from the vibrant city of Medellin, Colombia, Carlos Garcia is an artist on a perpetual journey of self-discovery and liberation through his craft. Infusing his work with inspiration drawn from Japan's dynamic pop culture and industrial design, Carlos creates what he fondly terms "Soul-Healing-Fun-Art." As Carlos puts it, "For me, it's not just about creating art; it's about embracing a continuous adventure of personal and artistic exploration."

In our recent interview, Carlos sheds light on his departure from the agency world, embracing freelancing to become his own boss and delve into a deeper, more meaningful realm of art. Reflecting on his diverse skill set, Carlos shares, "I've always been curious since I was a kid. I was attending architecture, graphic design, philosophy—diving into various fields because I'm an artist with a digital and industrial background." Carlos sees art as a tool to express and cope with fears, emphasizing the importance of embracing moments of boredom for personal and creative growth. In his words, "Boredom is important because it’s often where, as humans, we construct ideas and elevate our skill set."

As his artwork for ‘Mixtape’ transforms into a vibrant puzzle, Carlos expresses excitement about the collaborative process. "It's super cool when someone else is part of that process, pulling the pieces together. You feel the frustration, struggle with the same process of moving things from here to there—it's a continuation of the creative process." Witnessing others engage with the puzzle pieces becomes an extension of the creative journey, fostering a unique connection between the artist, the audience, and the artwork.

Despite the rise of AI, Carlos views it as a powerful tool rather than a threat, highlighting its potential to enhance creativity rather than replace it. "I don't feel any fear of AI; it's just another tool. If you're an artist, it's like saying, 'This is the result after the prompt I used.' The real artist is the one using the AI; it's not a competitor but an enhancement." Carlos Garcia's art invites us to appreciate the beauty in boredom, the depth in diversity, and the perpetual evolution of creative expression. As his artwork takes the form of a puzzle, it becomes a tangible and immersive experience, inviting enthusiasts to explore the intricate details of his imaginative world piece by piece.

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